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Advanced Services

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eCommerce websites:
PrestigeLinens.com - Very popular store serving the United States. image swashes example:
ShopCLV.com - C'est La Vie operates 3 stores in the suburbs of Detroit. Extremely well known for their trendsetting merchandise
DesignerEyeLenses.com - Drag and drop style shopping cart serving the world.
LaLaShopOnline.com - Trendy accessories for kids.
FavorWorkShop.com - Tied with an eBay store, this site serves customized favors.
VendingWorldMI.com - Detroit operated vending machines company

PHGeMail.com - Powerhouse Gym email system. Fully automated system for purchasing and creating emails. Email system servers 1000+ employees.
IONStrategic.com - Dynamic website and automated billing and membership creation. ION strategic is Michigan fastest growing professional network.
USACreditBoost.com - Automated billing and affilate system, serving the United Sates.
VeraVault.com - Automated billing and eCommerce website. Serving business around the metro Detroit.

Coming Soon:
SmokersOutletInc.com -  eCommerce website. Smokers Outlet is one of the largest tobacco retailers in Michigan with 22 locations.
KubischSausage.com - eCommerce website. Kubisch Sausage Co, is a manufacturer and distributor of meats in the metro Detroit with annual revenue of $10 million.