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Photo Consultation
Do you have a camera and want to take your own photos but don't know how?
Let our professional photographer give you training on what Camera to use, the amount of lighting and answer any questions you have to help you produce professional looking photos
Let us take professional photos of your store, business, merchandise, people or anything else you wish to display on your website. Remember, the quality of the photos you display on your website play a big role in keeping users on your website or driving them away
Have your merchandise ready, and we can take up to 60 photos per hour. Please allow 15 minutes for setup before the photo session

Have Models or Mannequins? We can take up to 30 photos per hour

A photo consultation is $200 for the first hour and $175 for additional hours. Same rates apply for a photoshoot. Please allow 15 minutes for setting up equipment. Make sure your merchandise, business, or people are ready before the photoshoot begins to ensure the best use of our time.
Special Quote
If you have a large number of items that you wish to take photos of, then you might qualify for a discount. Let us give you a special quote